Thursday, March 31, 2011

His and Hers Birthday Party

 This weekend was a birthday extravaganza!
Cam and Rachel's baby Will turned 1!
He was all up in that cake.
The whole William turning 1 thing is frightening for me because
 he was born 5 weeks before Violet.
I'm not ready for her first year to be over!

The thing about Will's birthday he can't get away from?
Sharing it with big sister Mabel.
Who turned 3 by the way.
 So I guess technically since she was born on that day first,
he has to share it with her :)

Rachel made the cutest his and her birthday banners.
She had one on each side of the room so they both felt special.

 Pearl and Mabel had a birthday cake picnic on the kitchen floor.
Pearl wasn't feeling well,
and was acting very moody because of it.
She gave Will his present,
then tried to hide Mabel's present behind the stairs.
It was a mini shopping cart with pretend groceries.
We had picked it out together for Mabel.
I took it from Pearl, and gave it to the birthday girl--
as was always the plan.
Pearl cried, and screamed
"it's mine! I want it."
She made a scene in front of the other party-goers.
So we left.
And Pearl had a big long nap.

And that concluded our weekend birthday extravaganza.


grandma to 16 said...

I couldn't help but's hard for an almost 4 yr old to give up a great gift like that!!! been there...


cute decorations, Rachel!!--

Cathy Bubert said...

What a fun party! Glad Pearl is feeling so much better :)

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