Friday, March 11, 2011

BBQ Dinner for the Bride and Groom

If I can say anything about Mike and Bria's wedding extravaganza,
it would have to be that it was so them.
You know, like if Mike and Bria were a wedding--
this is what it would look like...

The wedding dinner and reception were held at Wheeler Farm.
The activity barn was empty, 
and they were responsible for all of the decorating.
They had every detail meticulously thought out.
Strings of lights, hanging lassoed rope,
eclectic western centerpieces...
you name it-- they thought of it.
They spent hours setting it up,
and it looked incredible.
They had Famous Dave's cater a
 good old fashioned BBQ dinner--
and yes oh yes, that place is good!

The night was super laid back--
and I say any wedding dinner where you can 
grab a can of coke from a cooler 
is the kind of wedding dinner I'd like to be at.
There were a lot of heart felt words shared about the bride and groom.
Bria read the sweetest poem she had written for Mike.
Mike got up and gushed about how much he loved Bria--
and said that he was glad that she supported his fishing habit.

They are so stinkin' cute together.
I love that little Bria June, 
and I'm glad to know she's in good hands.


Cathy Bubert said...

What a perfect night for Bria and Mike! Love the photos, good job Stacey!

grandma to 16 said...

what a fun wedding dinner! They look so happy~~Wheeler Farm provided the perfect atmosphere for them~

CC said...

Hey you Blog-star,
Any idea why I can't see the photos on your blog anymore? I'm sure I've done something odd to my settings or something, but I have no idea what. Any thoughts?


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