Monday, February 21, 2011

Post-Weekend Thoughts

Last week was rough.
We were all sick with a bad cold/cough virus.
I had to do some late night grocery shopping for
groceries-- obviously,
and to restock our dwindling supply of Children's Motrin.
While buzzing through the store,
I caught a terrifying glimpse of myself in a full length mirror...
mouth hung open,
dark circled eyes,
and unruly hair I'm sure.
I don't think I had looked in the mirror all day.

I felt like this guy.
I got home and NyQuilled up,

Soon enough,
the girls croupy coughs quieted down,
and I lost the need to be a "mouth breather."

We were excited for a nice relaxing weekend.
Where apparently some people didn't get their hair brushed.
{but were still cute anyway-- obviously}
Our weekend began on a high note with a surprise visit from our
 Canadian-border-living family.
More to come on that later.

Kel whipped up a big pancake, berries and hash brown breakfast, 
which filled us to the brim, and made for one lazy Saturday.
Those are good to have every now and then.

I taught a lesson on Adversity to my 12 year old Sunday school class.
At one point in the lesson,
I accidently mixed the words man and boy--
it came out:
Pretty sure my class didn't take me seriously from that point on.

Matt Parkin from our stake spoke in Sacrament meeting.
He talked about how he was sad to leave his Gospel Doctrine class early 
since my sister Shelly was teaching,
and "she always gives the best lessons."
Then he talked about how Shelly has a gift of showing her gratitude
 in the form of sending handwritten letters to people.
{Pearl and Shelly 2008}
He said he knows many people who have been touched by her sweet notes.
I'm really proud that she's my sister.
and while we're talking about how great Shell-Bell is--
 how about this one for the record...
At Stake conference they usually ask a couple of people
 to come up and bare their testimony, without any previous notice.
At our most recent conference, they asked Shelly to come up.
Instead of falling over dead,
like I may have done--
She gracefully walked to the pulpit and bore a beautiful testimony on love.
She is like General Relief Society president material.

Anyway, it was a good weekend where we watched
"How to Train Your Dragon" 
a few times,
Kelly reorganized his side of the closet,
and I took a 2 hour Sunday nap.

I love the weekend.


grandma to 16 said...

oh weekends are the BEST!!! It was so much fun to have Cherlyn & kids here - you got some great action shots jumping off Grandma's fireplace hearth~~~(smile)

What fun to start the day with blueberry pancakes~~~I think that is what I'm having this saturday morning!!

cathy bubert said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! Another fun and amazing post :)

Shelly said...

Stace, once again you are just too good to me! Thank you for the thoughtful shout out ... I'm proud to be your sister too.

Love! You! Lots! xo Shell

cathy bubert said...

I missed the Nyquil video the first time I looked at your post - that is so FUNNY! And I couldn't agree more about our AMAZING Shelly!

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