Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding Prep

I love weddings-- but who doesn't?

The fun showers to go to...
Sisterly pedicures...

 And last minute wedding dress shopping...
 Okay, you're right--
That's not your typical day before the wedding activity.
In Cristy's case it was.
She had a dress,
but it just wasn't the dress.

Cristy had just come home from trying on her almost finished dress
 two days before the wedding.
The simple question of "how did your dress turn out"
 provoked a "it will be fine," followed by tears.

So we got online and looked at David's bridal.
We found the most perfect dress.
We hoped they would have it in stock.

The next day,
Cristy, and Violet and I
found ourselves at good old David's Bridal.
And Cristy was wearing the most perfect dress in her very size.
It was a miracle.
One call to Shannon Wainwright,
the neighborhood seamstress.
A little hem here,
arranging the flowers there--
and it was exquisite.
She looked like a Greek goddess.

With the dress taken care of 
It was time to transform the church.
 Scott and Cristy put a lot of work into their wedding.
For the last month or so,
the kitchen table turned into wedding/crafting headquarters. 
 Hours after the dress fiasco,
we headed to the church and unloaded
 boxes of decorations they have been working on for weeks,
and Scott's Mom brought in the centerpieces
 that she had spent hours putting together. 
The flowers were made from balsa wood.
I love the way they looked.

We had so much help from family and friends.
We hooked Mari's ipod up to the speakers and made a party out of it.

 It was kind of magical to see everyone work together to make
 Cristy's whimsical vision come to life.

She made all of these darling serving trays by attaching plates to
 teacups, candlestick holders, and vases.
 It turned out beautiful.

The lovebirds.
Hours before the wedding.
They were ready!


Cathy Bubert said...

Stacey, I love every photo and all your descriptions. I missed out on a lot but with your help I feel like I was right there.

Jessica Duff said...

Looks beautiful! I wish I could have come!

grandma to 16 said...

I just love seeing how happy Cristy looked!!! the decorations and colors were gorgeous~

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