Monday, February 28, 2011

24 x 3 = 72

We fell victim to the 24 hour flu.
Me, then Pearl, then Violet.
One day after the other, making 3 days total.
Kelly took care of us, 
and talked himself out of getting it.

I used to think it was a bunch of bunk when he told me
 he could talk himself out of getting sick,
but maybe he's onto something...

It's true that we just got over colds,
and I wonder if our immune systems function...
Maybe Kelly's does.
But he takes a lot of vitamins,
and  he tries to make me--
but I don't.
but maybe he's onto something...

Well folks, today is going to be a big laundry day.

That I know for sure.


grandma to 16 said...

that little face makes me cry!!
SOOOOOOOOOO glad it was only 24 hrs, but that's 24 hrs each~
(smile) yucky......

Mike and Brit Harris said...

That's terrible I'm so sorry! Violet does look very cute in that pic! I feel like most of Jan and Feb our family has been sick, I think its just a bad year for sickness. Hope you guys are doing better! Lets get together soon!

CC said...

GSE drops. Grapefruit seed extract. Add a few drops into orange juice (to hide the bitter taste) when you start feeling a bit down. I swear by them. You can order them on Amazon. And they are safe for kids.


Cathy Bubert said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Love you all - Nana

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