Friday, January 21, 2011

Off Limits

Pearl has always been very good about sharing her toys with Violet.
She'll always get out the best toys for her to play with.
It's like she remembers what she 
wanted to play with-- or stick in her mouth,
when she was Violet's age.

There's one exception to Pearl's generosity.
Nana gave Pearl a beautiful pink doll house for her 2nd birthday.
It's her prized possession.

That doll house...
 is off limits!!

It's the one thing that Pearl will 
pry her baby sister away from.

Can you take a guess as to where Violet 
can always be found playing?
 She totally knows that she's breaking the rules.

And sometimes--
 breaking the rules
makes things more fun...


cathy bubert said...

Love the photos! Pearl and Violet you are toooo cute!

grandma to 16 said...

oh such a memory!!! little sisters think big sisters' stuff is so neat~~~ darling the day of Pearl & Violet...! ( smile )

kelly said...

What is not shown, is that violet like to not only play with the doll house, she likes to pull it over on top of her self...

annie leavitt said...

so true. breaking the rules is way too much fun for little babies!

great post.

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