Monday, January 3, 2011


Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic--
but it was pretty bad.

December 21st:
We are all packed up and ready to head to Long Beach California,
for a warm Christmas with my family.

Our flight is scheduled to depart at 4:45pm
Kelly is terrified to fly,
so we always like to cut it as close as we can.
The quicker we can board the plane,
the better.

We run into a friendly face on the way to our gate.
Yes, the very Andrew Layne we all know and love.
He works for SkyWest,
and I'm pretty sure he's kind of a big deal over there.
He makes a comment about picking a bad day to fly.
Every flight was delayed,
but not ours.
So far so good...

I watched the clock get closer and closer to our boarding time.
10 minutes before we were scheduled to board,
our flight gets delayed.
Our plane can't land in Washington,
due to stormy weather,
so we wait.

No biggie.
We're good at killing time.

Well, some of us are...
Pearl was pretty darn bored.

I was sitting there trying to entertain Violet when I hear,
"Will the passenger Stacey Jewkes please come to gate E 72."

I was nervous for a split sec.
because I do anything to avoid getting in trouble,
and thought that maybe I was for some reason.

No need to fear.
It was just that Andrew Layne again.
He printed off meal vouchers for all of us.
Pearl and I took our vouchers,
and went on a spending spree.
She loved the moving sidewalk--
but what kid doesn't?

I didn't have to put much thought into where I would spend my voucher.
It was a few minutes of frosted doughy cinnamon bliss.
See, things weren't so bad.

I was hoping to save Violet's nap for the flight,
but she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.
She slept while Pearl (can you spot her?) played musical chairs.

Oh, and by this time our flight had been delayed two more times.
The third time they said the plane was coming,
but they needed to find a crew to fly it...

I looked over at Kelly,
who you may remember is terrified to fly.
He had bitten off all of his cuticles.
(catch that in action in the above pictures.)
He was not doing so well.
I asked him if he would rather drive.
He said he would
"rather drive to China and back than get on that airplane."

I pleaded my case to the customer service representative,
who said, aren't you Andrew's friend?
Let me get him for you.

We talked about canceling all of our tickets,
so the girls and I could drive with Kel,
but he said he would be fine alone,
and the girls will do better on the short flight.

Andrew refunded Kelly's ticket,
and promised he wouldn't tell anyone of his secret shame.
Leave that part to me I guess.
I do ask before I blog :)
Pearl and I walked Kelly as far as we could go,
and she cried when she said goodbye to him.

We boarded our plane about an hour after he left.
I think it was a really good thing he wasn't on that plane.
It was the most turbulent flight I've ever been on.
The fog was so bad you couldn't see an inch out of the window.

Violet was well rested,
and stir-crazy from 6 hours of sitting in the airport.
She is usually so good on flights,
but not so much this one.

Johnny and Sam took her for a while
and let her demolish a Sky Mall magazine.
She liked that.

Pearl was scared of the bumpy flight.
She cried and told me she
didn't want to fall out of the plane,
which made me sad.
I was glad when she fell asleep.

The pilot kept accelerating,
then slowing down when we were trying to land.
It freaked my frack.

we were SO HAPPY to see these faces!!!!
Yes, that is Violet's happy face.
By the time we landed,
Kelly was already to Cedar City!
He had so much adrenaline from fear,
he was wired enough to drive all night.
I called him when I woke up to nurse Violet.
That was around 4 in the morning,
and he was still going strong.
He pulled into to Long Beach at 6:50am
I woke up to Kelly walking in our room.
He said "hi hon." then crashed on the bed for 7 hours.
I was relieved, and glad we were all together again.

We had the best time on our vacay,
which I'm sure you'll hear more about than you'd like.

Off the subject, but I was thinking about my Cinnabon again,
and you know what? I think they are right--
Life does need frosting.


Andy and Elise said...

Holy Crap that is funny... glad I could help!!

Cathy Bubert said...

Love this post! Sorry for all of the trauma but so glad you all made it to California!

grandma to 16 said...

I finished reading President Mondon's autobiography and even our Prophet prefers NOT to fly over an ocean at night, in fact he prefers no night flights if possible! .... so Kel you are in good company!

Christmas in warm California looks wonderful! I'm sure two little girls had so much fun giving loves to Papa & Nana!!

Jessie, Garan and Sammy said...

You are such a good writer. I love Violet's happy face and love your documentation on your hard work to get to Cali. We love you guys!

the Horton Hurricane said...

I love my brother! thats all I have to say right now.

kelly said...

It's no big deal, right? People have ridiculous fears all the time... at least I'm not terrified of spiders... oh, wait.

And it's a good thing I'm not the bread winner or anything...

Kyle and Katie said...

what an adevnture! Glad you all made it safely!

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

I can't believe he drove! He must really hate to fly. I hate to drive, would much rather fly. Looks like it was pretty horrific. Glad you made it safely

The Seamans said...

So i read through the first part of your post and then I had to run...later Ty said "did kelly drive to california" and I said "no, stacey just blogged about their flight" he asked if I was sure ( and of course I was) so that was that. I just now read the rest of your post....Kelly drove to california. I will tell him the truth now!

weston'smommy said...

Oh your poor family. What a live saver that Andrew Layne is.

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