Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day

I don't know how he does it--
but Santa found us in Long Beach.
Everyone was happy.

We made Kneader's Overnight French Toast with caramel syrup for breakfast.
This was delicious, and you have to make it!  It will be your new favorite thing.
We {mostly Cristy} whipped ours up while listening to
Hanson's Christmas album and dancing in the kitchen.
It might taste as good without the dancing-- but I doubt it.

The best part of Christmas Day may have been 
skyping to Utah.
Grandpa was so happy to see my Mom,
he had tears in his eyes.

He was the best at it. 
 Dave and Tonya showed him where the camera was,
 and he looked straight into it.  
None of that looking at the picture of yourself in the corner
 like Pearl some people I know...

A movie is always a must on Christmas Day.
Tangled was the choice for everyone pictured below.

Everyone else saw True Grit.
If you ask Kel, he'll tell you it was
"The best movie of 2010."

Everyone was so happy to be at the movies.
See for yourself.

Obviously the rest of the day was filled with Christmas naps,
{for Violet at least}
And playing with a pillow pet and new pink kitchen set.
as well as watching lots of episodes of Lie to Me.
{everyone else.}

How is Christmas over already?
It goes by faster every year.


Cathy Bubert said...

It is amazing how quickly Christmas came and went! We sure enjoyed every minute while it lasted and your amazing blog posts will keep all those great memories alive. Thanks Stacey!

grandma to 16 said...

love all the pictures! looks so fun, the french toast looked delicious!

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