Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 months

Time to lower the mattress.

Every morning I walk into the girls room and find Violet standing
and cruising along the sides of her crib.

Most mornings I find Pearl sitting in the crib with her.
They are usually laughing,
 and playing with the slew of toys Pearl hauled in with her.

At 8 months:
Violet is unveiling her quirky little personality.
She's been doing this thing where she scrunches her face,
and breathes in and out through her nose as fast as she can.
She makes us laugh because everything she does,
she does quickly, aggressively, and loudly.
She's always crashing, and toppling over,
 and then she's right back at whatever she was doing.

Today she grabbed a hold of a toy bin,
 and yanked it clean out of the slot.
She landed on her back,
and the toys landed on her.
I waited for the tears...
They never came. She sat right up,
and lunged for the next bin.

This picture says it all.
You can see the wheels turning in her head.
Notice the smashed down bumper pad from those restless little feet.

She started crawling forward on December 14th.
It may or may not have had something to do with the fact
that she was on steroids for bronchitis.
One day she backed into every place she wanted to go,
and the next day--
 it was full speed ahead.
She swings her arms out to the side,
and back around, slapping her hands on the ground.
She scowls at the ground in front of her
 like it's keeping her from where she's going.

When I go out to do the dishes,
I call her name until she crawls her way to me.
She always gives me a big grin when she gets there,
then she heads straight for the kitchen toy drawer.
That toy drawer gives me about ten good minutes,
then she's ready to move on.

She loves when we clap and cheer for her,
and she claps for herself and says
Right now Violet is one of those stages where she's
 gaining weight faster than she's growing tall.
 Her body feels like molding clay.
Seriously dreamy.
She nestles into my neck,
and her squishy little body conforms to me.
I let her stay like that for as long as she will.
Then when she starts to wiggle,
I kiss and squeeze her until she starts to squeal.
I just can't help it.


grandma to 16 said...

Stacey, one of my all time favorite posts - Violet's face with that look she has of planning her little day full of "mischief" is priceless!!!

She's yummy! freeze her in time!!! such a cute age~

Cathy Bubert said...

Another incredible post. I love the way you describe these precious moments. It's almost as good as being there . . .

gilvearbebes said...

You have great taste. We have that same crib bumper set that Sadie used and it is now being passed on to miss Abigail. Also, we have the same sleeper outfit on Abby right now :)

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

She is just so cute! I love her.
We need to see you guys soon!

Danelle and Alex said...

Such cute pictures and you are such a cute Mom! Isn't fun having two kids of the same gender right in a row?! Someone told me the other day "That stinks that you had another boy!" I was like are you kidding?! I love my two boys! Anyways your girls are darling and I love reading your blog!

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