Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tree dressing

 I found Pearl in front of the Christmas tree that had been up,
but bare for a few days.

She had the box of decorations opened, with a few ornaments up--
all in the same spot.

I turned on some Christmas music,
then sat back and watched.

 She examined every ornament before hanging it on a branch.
Gasping at the glittery snowflakes,
and making the elves talk.

And then she found the jingle bells.
Oh the jingle bells.

They obviously led her into singing jingle bells for the next 10 minutes.
  Then she was distracted by something else...

 A sweetly striped candy cane,
meant to glisten on the evergreen branches.
Instead it was quickly broken open,
and eaten without a second thought.
 Max and Scarlet wanted some bad.
Pearl was oblivious.

Then came something I will never forget.
 Pearl found a very special ornament.
A clear ornament, with a very delicate picture of Jesus laid inside of it.
So delicate that you wouldn't notice it on first glance.
I watched Pearl stare at it,
and turn it from side to side.
 She looked at me with big eyes,
holding the ornament out to me.
"I see him Mom, it's Jesus!"

 She held the ornament with so much reverence.
 Then she held it up to one branch, then the next--
until she found the perfect spot for him.

 Aunt Cristy came home and helped disperse the decorations throughout the tree.
Then we used a good throw and wrap technique 
to get the beaded garland around the tree. 

Kelly topped the tree with Santa Claus,
and Pearl added the finishing touches.
 Then we stood back and admired.


grandma to 16 said...

What a Christmas Angel you are Pearl!!! This is what it is all about~

Beautiful post, Stacey~

cathy bubert said...

Thank you - thank you for sharing these sweet moments with us through your post. Pearl you are so PRECIOUS!

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

love the tree... and Pearl! So cute.

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