Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving was celebrated at the Horton house again this year.
As always, the food was delicious, 
and Jenny was a fabulous host. 
Jill, Jen, Kel

Pearl has become more independent at big gatherings. 
She loves going off with her cousins.
Brookie is always so sweet to play with her.
She is the best.
{Look at Pearl back there eating her roll :) I think she had 7 by nights end.}

Jen had the house set up so nice and cozy.
All of her Christmas decorations were up--
glowing Christmas tree, and all.

Gram dished up the Raspberry pretzel jello.
Which is obviously a "light" pre-pie dessert.

Kelly is big time on the list of things I'm thankful for.

Violet spent the first 20 minutes of the feast whipping her plate through the air,
and banging it against the table.  
With that, she was already thinking Thanksgiving was pretty awesome...

Then we gave her some of Aunt Jill's brown sugar topped squash--
Oh boy.
She l-o-v-e-d it.
She would stop at nothing to get more of it.
It started with subtle smacking of her lips,
and making lots of mmmm sounds.

Then came the squealing and the clawing 
squash-covered hands that streaked my shirt.
Kelly and I would alternate taking a bite of our food,
while the other one shoveled in the the squash.

I couldn't get a good picture of it because she was too excited to hold still.
She washed it down with Peach Punch.
When I picked her up out of her highchair,
She felt very dense-- and she was very satisfied.

We sat around and watched the boys wrestle.
It was all fun and games,
Then Derek went straight for the eye gouge,
and the wrestling was over.

Sheila watched the little kids so we could see
We give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

I told everyone to do something funny in this picture...
Cory and Jen look awesome.
Kelly and his 13 year old nephew instinctively pointed to their butts.
Nice guys.
Really nice.


grandma to 16 said...

oh this brought back all the fun of the day for me, stacey with this great post!!! I hope Mason noticed his "belt" the orange shoe string that Jenny was motified by.....teenagers! ( smile )

I'll never forget Violet loving that squash~and it was hard to find pearl, Brooke & Brit had her complete attention!

the Horton Hurricane said...

Kobe and I looked at this before school today it was so much fun and for some reason we were laughing so hard it was such a fun and funny day, Mason last night did the "pizza finger folding thing" that Kelly taught him.

cathy bubert said...

What a fun day! So much work goes into all that fun - nice job!

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