Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Legend of the Stuffed Peppers

My Dad's little brother, Uncle Doug,
had us over for a little holiday get-together.
He made us the most delectable
seafood-stuffed peppers your heart could desire.

My Dad's family grew up in Louisiana.
The best seafood you'll ever it is found there.

In the heart of New Orleans,
nestled in the the streets of the French Quarter--
is a restaurant called Ralph and Kacoo's.

They served the most delectable
seafood-stuffed peppers
your heart could desire,
as I mentioned before.
Legend has it, my Dad's Dad, Papa, sent Uncle Doug in to
Ralph and Kacoo's to retrieve the recipe,
leaving him with the advice to
"Do whatcha gotta do to get it."

Uncle Doug got himself a date or two with a
waitress from Ralph and Kacoo's--
and looky what he got:
Papa made the recipe every few days,
tweaking a little each time until it was perfect.
And believe me, it's perfect.

Uncle Doug, I don't know
(nor do I want to know)
what ya had to to do get it...

but I'm sure glad ya did.


grandma to 16 said...

the picture was worth a 1000 words!! I think I might hire Jason Bourne to infiltrate Uncle Doug's kitchen for that recipe. Looks delicious! yummy~

cathy bubert said...

Wow! That looks great! We are so lucky to have so many gourmet cooks in the family :)

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