Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Folka Dots

We went to the Folka Dots Christmas show
at Trolley Square on Friday.

They are a local band with an old country sound.
They played inside the hive gallery, and it was filled to the brim.
Rightfully so--
they are incredible.
They played covers of old songs,
and originals that seamlessly matched.

We wanted to see them play because we know Corrine.
She sings, and plays the fiddle.
They debuted her song
"I don't mind"

Watch it here.
Poor Corinne had lost her voice that morning,
but was able to belt it out with no incident.
It was a country Christmas miracle.

After the Folka Dots played,
we made our way over to the Old Spaghetti Factory
for a mid-show dinner.

Angel hair pasta,
half marinara - half mizithra cheese.
crispy bread, green salad and creamy pesto dressing.

Contently full,
we headed back over to watch
The Trappers play.

Also a local band,
with an old country sound.
The lead singer - Dan Buehner was a
year older than us in school.

In high school I gave him a haircut on my front porch,
which he paid me for with Wendy's chicken nuggets.

At the end of the show,
the Trappers and the Folka Dots played together.
They were meant to play together.
They sounded amazing.


grandma to 16 said...

It looked like you guys had a blast!! Violet, Pearl and I had a lot of fun too!!! and we didn't have to even get out in the cold weather!

kelly said...

it was a pirate ship full of fun!!

Corinne said...

Thanks for the shout out Stacey! As always, I just love reading your blog.

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