Monday, December 6, 2010

60 is the new 40!

{Sheila and Jen - beautiful at 60 and 30}

My dear Mother-in-law Sheila 
officially rolled into her 60's
on December 4th.

It was big day, and called for a big celebration!
After a lunch at Robintino's,
we met at Hale Centre Theatre to see 
A Christmas Carol.
It's one of mine and Sheila's favorite shows.
It was beautiful. 
That show will get you in 
the Christmas spirit like nothing else.

 We all picked up our kids, 
and brought them to Amy's for cake and presents.

Violet couldn't get enough of 
the over-sized Christmas bell.
Kelly also thought is was pretty neat,
and was heard to say:
"Wow Amy-- that's a really big bell."

Gram opened up her presents,
and was brought to tears by the 
beautiful poem Brooke wrote for her.
Brookie is a very talented writer.

Then came the cake...
Amy and I had a nice, simple pattern of a few alternating 
pink and white candles bordering the cake.
Jake dumped out all remaining candles,
and slammed them in. 
Luckily she had lots of help.

She is one seriously loved Grandma.
 Look what she's accomplished in 60 short years :)
Happy birthday Sheila.


the Horton Hurricane said...

Stacey thanks so much for being so great to my sweet Mom, I really would love to get a copy of that picture of her and I, she is so beautiful ahe looks so young I love my family!!

cathy bubert said...

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday and that the coming year will be amazing! What adorable grandchildren you have!

grandma to 16 said...

Stacey, thank you for your "magic" camera ~~ you make me look so pretty!!!

I loved that day and loved that you captured these wonderful memories for me! It made turning 60 painless~~~"almost"! ( smile )

kelly said...

That's nice you guys brought a long that homeless guy in the orange shirt... he probably smelled strange but tis the season, right.

Mom, now that you are in your 3rd year of being 60 (inside joke), I think you are looking pretty good pushing right on past the 50's!

Elasta-Girl said...

Stacey those pictures are great! Thanks for posting those for us. I can't believe how many girls there are in that grandchildren picture.

brooke said...

Happy Birthday GRandma! We all luv you SO much! :

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