Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shell's birthday

We celebrated Shelly's birthday on Sunday.
Violet avoided the camera...
but Scott and Cristy didn't.
They know how to work it.
I'm kidding-- I have to force people to be in my pictures,
but I like forcing people to be in my pictures.
It's fun, and then I get cute pics like this one.

Johnny + Sam = Adorable

Celebrating Shelly's birthday is always fun because 
she is the most thoughtful person you'll ever meet,
and it's nice to spoil her every now and then.
She is so darn gorgeous.
but she's also really nice...
which is good because then you don't 
have to hate her for being so darn gorgeous.

Plus she's always cold, 
so we got her some slippers among other warm things.

Instead of cake, we each ate a brownie obsession from T.G.I. Fridays--
Shell's favorite dessert, and boy are they delicious.
Happy birthday Shell~Bell!
Hope this year is the best one yet.


grandma to 16 said...

~Happy Birthday Shelly!! - I love the slippers and the "ice cream birthday cake!" yumm

Many happy returns of YOUR DAY!!!

cathy bubert said...

Happy - Happy Birthday Shelly DEAR! Hope you have a GREAT year!
We love you :) P.S. Stacey, Thanks for another AMAZING post!!!

the Horton Hurricane said...

she is so beautiful in and out!! love it

Mike and Brit Harris said...

Happy birthday Shelly!!!

ashlan said...

Happy birthday shelly! We all do want to hate but like stacey said you are to perfect to hate...I love you!

RoseAnna said...

Oh I miss you girls! Tell Shelly happy birthday from me. You're right...she is georgous! As is my Stacey girl!! Love you girls!

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