Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Severe Weather

Me and Vi in front of a "pre-blizzard" sky.

Today I got this email from ksl.com:
National Weather Service issuing a blizzard warning for much of the state. A strong cold front is expected to arrive in Northern Utah by 2-4pm, in the Wasatch Front between 3p-6p, and then through the rest of the state. Expect the wind gusts to blow between 30 and 50mph as the front arrives. Bitter cold air should move in quickly, with temperatures in the teens tonight. Single digits possible tomorrow morning. More snow is possible along the Wasatch Front tomorrow morning as well. Highs tomorrow could stay below 20. Lows Thanksgiving could drop below zero if skies clear. Download the Live 5 Weather app to keep you informed. Also keep viewing ksl.com for more updates. -Grant Weyman, Live 5 Weather HD 11.23.10
It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to drive in this storm. If it is necessary please give yourself extra time and take extra precautions while on the road.
Be safe out there!
Your KSL.com Team

"Awesome," I said to myself.
And then I thought:
"I hope my family in Long Beach California
is happy, and enjoying their perfectly sunny weather."
Although I really do hope you're enjoying it.
You lucky lucky ducks :)

I realized we needed some groceries,
and I wanted to beat the storm.
Apparently so did everybody else.

This was the sky walking into the store.
The eerie calm before the storm.

This is how we roll at the supermarket.
Violet is strapped to me in the bjorn,
and I open, and hand Pearl a box of the first good snack she sees.
It's taken some time, tantrums, and tears to master this technique--
but it is now nearly foolproof.

We saw a pretend kids laptop that Pearl begged me for.
"Oh Momma, look at that little computer. Can I get that?"
"No honey, we can't get that."
"Yes, I need it Momma."
(arms flying, voice escalating)
"We'll have to write Santa a letter and ask him about it," I told her.
"Okay Momma, I'll say Santa, can you please bring me that little computer? Cause I need it."
It was super cute.
We definitely don't get Pearl whatever she wants...
but I just might have to pass this info onto Santa.

I shopped for the basics,
and ingredients for hearty meals that warm the soul.
My mom's stew will be one of them.

I also bought Kel some gloves and a hat
for the snow removal he'll be doing...

Violet was asleep by the time we finished up,
so I held her drooping head in one hand,
while I loaded the conveyor belt with the other.
This is nothing new though, as she always falls asleep just in time to check out.
Oh, and another not so new thing is
fishing out the little additions Pearl sneaks into the cart.
This time it was twirly straws, and kool-aid.

After an hour in the store, we came out to this.
The wind was blowing the snow straight into our faces,
It was not a nice way for Violet to wake up from her nap.
She was as mad as a hornet.

It was good to get home and eat a nice hot meal.
Apparently it snowed 5 inches in two hours,
and the temperature dropped 12 degrees in 20 minutes...
Then it came to a complete stop...
Maybe it will get worse tomorrow,
but tonight was a typical, if not mild Utah snow storm.
Definitely not worthy of a personal warning email,
(although I do appreciate the gesture.)
but the excitement of it all was fun while it lasted.

A couple of days ago I took what just may be my last pictures of autumn.
Sad to see it go.


cathy bubert said...

Believe it or not we do feel a little guilty about our beautiful Southern California weather! Hope you are safe, warm and cozy :) LOVE your AMAZING post - LOVE YOU!

grandma to 16 said...

Stacey, you have a way with your cute posts of taking me back in time. I started laughing at the "grocery store survival course"...all mom's develop one !(smile) thanks for the gorgeous autumn pictures, Scarlet looks like she is longingly bidding goodby as well! I agree "The
Blizzard of 2010" was just the average Utah snow storm~

Mandi said...

I am glad to see someone else suffer from the storm. We were literally snowed in at our house Sunday-Wednesday. No School, No work and tons of snow. We got about 18 inches and it was only about 3 degrees for a couple days!! Yay for winter I guess we better just embrace it!

Tarrant said...

My method with my kids when they wanted something at the store any time of year was:
1. You ask for it, you definitely won't get it

2. You say you would like it and I tell them ok, we will put it on your wish list

3. You have a tantrum and we will go to the car until you chill out and you DEFINITELY won't get whatever it is that you think you "need."

4. Random intervals of surprise treats at the store after good behavior.

It worked well, and the kids often couldn't remember by the time they got home what they wanted on the list. They still do put things on the white board before I go shopping with the understanding that I may or may not get them in the case of non-essentials.

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