Monday, November 22, 2010

The night we were left alone.

Kelly is the new assistant scout leader in our ward.
Friday night they had a camp-out.
He came home from work,
changed into some heavy-duty boots,
kissed us goodbye,
and was out the door.
Friday night was a very cold night.
A really terrible night to be camping if you ask me...
Kelly said he'd drift off to sleep, 
just to be woken up by the wind-blown tent caving into his forehead.
He said they still had a lot of fun.

Not long after Kelly left,
Pearl was picked up by Grandma and the Lindsey girls,
and taken to see a special production of
She was so excited to go.
When we were waiting outside for Aunt Amy to come,
Pearl said "Mom I gotta tell ya something."
Then she didn't say a word,
but held her hand up like this.
I melted.

These girls were excited for a fun night out.
After the show, Gram and Amy took the girls to McDonald's for a treat.
Like always, Pearl and Kelsey spent their time playing, rather than eating.
I hear some tears were shed when it was time to leave...
Sounds about right.
Pearl loved the show.
She came home squealing 
"That was a fun show mom.  We saw Jesus!"
She said it like she had casually run into an old friend.
It was so sweet.

Don't worry about me and Violet...
We made some plans of our own.
I bundled her up,
loaded her into the car, and hit the cutler's drive-thru
for a Veggie sandwich and a brownie marshmallow cookie.
Then we came home and watched this movie.
 I liked it, and thought it was really interesting.
It follows four babies from different parts of the world from birth,
to their one year mark.
I was most interested in Bayar from Mongolia
and Ponijao from Namibia.
I loved seeing the way their mother's cared for them, 
and made due with their circumstances.

Violet sat in her exersaucer while we watched it, and piece by piece,
I fed her a whole slice of bread.
This was exciting for me because Pearl has never been a big eater.
It felt very satisfying.

It was a fun night for everyone,
but it was so good to be together again Saturday morning.
I love my little family.


Julie W said...

They are some brave scout leaders to go out in the storm!

Have you read my posts on the curse of scout camp on my blog? Glad everything went well for you all!

cathy bubert said...

What a GREAT weekend! I love Pearl's beautiful childlike faith!

grandma to 16 said...

It sounded like you and Violet had a good date! Pearl told me when she came down the row and sat down, "Grandma, I'm on a date!"

fun night!

Sounds like Kelly even had fun, although....when I think of sleeping in the cold, I'm glad I'm a female and not a scout leader! ( smile )

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

haha, that "blizzard" was such a joke!
I can't believe that Kelly went camping this time of year... is he crazy???

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