Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night Owl

Kelly gets a sick little Violet to smile at 12:10am.

Violet now has an ear infection in her left ear.
She got it a couple of days after the right ear cleared up.
She's on her second round of antibiotics,
and her sleep schedule is pretty messed up.
She only sleeps if she's held, and as soon as you lay her down--
her eyes pop open, and the crying ensues.
A couple of nights ago she didn't sleep a wink from 11:00am - 3:00am.
No naps, nothing.
I finally laid her in our bed with us around midnight.
She knew it was a special circumstance, and she was loving it.
She would roll in towards me, let out a happy sigh,
and give me a big gummy grin.
Then she'd roll over to Kelly and do the same.
She was happy to be with Mom and Dad,
and to be in our big comfy bed,
and especially happy to not have her sister diverting any attention from her.

When I accepted the fact that sleep wasn't on her agenda,
I took her out of the bed so at least Kelly could get some sleep.
We played for another hour until her face stretched into yawn after yawn.
 I wrapped her up, and rocked her, and she was out.
Believe me, I had tried that before--
but at 3:00am she finally went with it.
Look at this square-jawed cutie.
She is so worth the sleepless nights.


cathy bubert said...

Hope the antibiotic works soon and you get some sleep. Violet is adorable even while keeping you awake.

grandma to 16 said...

I am laughing so hard right now, not at the circumstances, because I feel your pain with no sleep!!

but........that last picture is absolutely killing me!!! (smile, laugh, smile, laugh)

I'm glad she's feeling better - !

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