Monday, November 22, 2010

A date with the Cougs.

 Kel took me on a date to a BYU football game.
The last home game of the season.
BYU vs. New Mexico.
Sheila was sweet enough to watch the girls while we were away.
Kelly's Dad has season tickets to the games.
Kelly's been able to go with him to every home game this season.
They've been able to spend some good quality time bonding over football.
Which is especially good since David lives in Las Vegas.
David couldn't make it to Saturday's game,
and I was more than happy to use his ticket.

Jake and Amy took the 2 seats next to us.
Amy had lots of sweaters layered on.
Amy is smart.
 It was freezing!
Luckily we watched the storm clouds drift right over the top of the stadium,
and head north, where they dropped lots and lots of snow!
I wore Kelly's big black leather gloves.
They were warm, but it looked wrong.
We joked about "man hands" from Seinfield.

Kelly's cousins, the Maughan's have the 4 seats in front of us.
Uncle Mike shared his delicious hot roasted candied almonds.
He refused to put his gloves on, although his hands were frozen solid.
He said it's just a guy thing.

Here we are before I pulled another scarf out of my purse,
and wrapped my whole head up in it.
Kelly is in his element at football games.
It's fun to be there with him.

There were some really exciting plays that got spoiled by really bad calls.
I don't know a lot about football,
but I would say their were excessive yellow flags being thrown on the field.

Don't worry David,
I know you like to make yourself heard at these games,
and Kelly and Amy did a great job filling in for you.
I saw genetics at their finest when they both stood up and
booed the ref at the exact same moment.
You would have been proud.

It was a great game,
and best of all--
We beat the heck out of the Lobos.


grandma to 16 said...

So glad you had Amy there and you ladies were dressed warm enough to keep from turning into ice princesses!!! ( smile )

It looked like you had a blast - and P & V were as good as gold all day!!

cathy bubert said...

Looks like fun!

dignan said...

What a fun game! Even with Amy expressing her deep love for the "U", all had a good time.

-The diehard Coug, Jake, bleeds enough blue to cover up for his mom.

Uncle Mike explained to Jake that choosing the right (Being a BYU fan) is not always easy, but it is still right!
Go Cougs!

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