Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooktacular Party

Tony and Natalie invited us to their 
"Spooktacular Halloween Party."

Kelly had school late that night, 
so we showed up just as the party was ending.
Yep, just in time for Kelly to ruin the Jazz game for those who were recording it,
and just in time to watch Natalie clean up the food.
Nat's little girl Callie had a run in with the Vacuum cleaner, 
so Tony took home the very unhappy cowgirl.

Everyone brought $2 for the costume winner,
which had already been presented before we got there. 
 Without knowing TJ had won the contest,
Kelly walked straight up to him and gave him his $2.
I guess we all agreed that this Ace Ventura was spot on.
The Bradshaw family.
I love Benj's wings.

We were glad we stopped by.
It was short, but definitely sweet.
And Chris...
I'm sorry that my hat covered the majority of your face.

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