Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Fiasco

We headed out to Pack Farms Pumpkin Patch for family night.
It was a very chilly 44 degrees.

Pearl was in pumpkin paradise.
She ran aimlessly through the pumpkins at full speed.
She knew which pumpkin was hers the second she laid eyes on it.
The perfect pumpkin was found within a couple of minutes of our arrival.
Which was a very good thing considering the fact that
Violet's hat disappeared on the drive to the farm,
so my scarf made for a lousy replacement.
{found the hat on the way home-- of course.}
She didn't crack a smile the whole outing.
I still can't believe we tried to get away with this,
and I am ashamed at what I'm about to tell you...

Here it goes...
So, the pumpkin Pearl picked out was un-carvable.
Too small, somewhat caving in, and too lopsided to even stand.
I thought I could grab another nice round carvable white pumpkin,
and explain my reasons to Pearl later.
Now Kelly-- here is where I have to throw you under the bus....
{I am truly sorry.}

I wanted to grab another pumpkin in addition to Pearl's pick,
but Kel thought a full on switch-a-roo would go unnoticed.
Well boy oh boy was he wrong!
Picture on the left:
Pearl happy about the perfect pumpkin she had found herself.
Picture on the right:
Pearl realizing this was not her pumpkin.

I got myself over to that pile of pumpkins where I had dropped that thing off,
plopped it onto the scale faster than you can say "lopsided pumpkins!"
and shelled out the 50 cents.
Yes-- we tried to save a lousy 50 cents.
I blame the cold weather for our poor judgment.

Just look how cute "little squirmer" looks on the windowsill.
and to think, we almost left him.


cathy bubert said...

Oh Stacey! I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. So glad it all worked out in the end. Thanks for sharing your "fun" time at the pumpkin patch.

dignan said...

As I lay here under the bus, I would like to thank the academy for the worst father of the year award. I couldn't of done it without "little squirmer". Thank you.

grandma to 16 said...

This was the funniest post I've ever read!!! Kel has learned now that the bait & switch only works when grandma's do it and add a Hershey bar!! ( smile )

Jason and Audrey said...

Your posts keep me laughing harder each time! you guys are so funny!
Jason and I try that once in a while too...too many times than we'd like to admit. How do they know?!!!

Hilary said...

Awh, what great photos! We're always sweating in our pumpkin patch pictures!

Elasta-Girl said...

I think it is cute that she picked the only white one in a picture full of orange ones. Way to go Kel. :)

UtahJenny said...

This is tooooo much! I can't even name all the stupid things we have done in the name of saving a buck or two!!! ha ha ha - kids are too smart for us, I guess. Anyhow, thanks for a good laugh and Kelly isn't even in the running for worst father of the year ... not even close!

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