Thursday, October 28, 2010

Non-competitive Scavengers

Tyler and Amber threw a great Halloween party that included 
good food, friends, and a frightening scavenger hunt.

We all ate up, and then it was time for the scavenger hunt.

Pearl stayed with Amber and Jace,
and we partnered up with the Buck's.
The hunt led us to the cemetary,
Winger's, Boondocks, and Davis High.

Wyatt and Violet screamed their heads off the whole time.
especially Violet.

Then we nearly ran out of gas.
We laughed at our lack of winning edge, 
as Kelly casually whistled, and washed the windows while filling up the tank.

We didn't win...
but the group that did got these cute cupcakes.

Pearl had fun playing with Aida the pumpkin, and Ryker as Top Gun's Maverick.
Pearl pulled Aida everywhere by the hand,
and Ryker pulled Pearl everywhere by the tail.
She told me he was cute, and that his name wasn't Ryker,
"It's Racooooon, Mom."

Pearl was having to much fun to want to take this picture,
and Violet just wanted my root beer.

The party goers.

So maybe we lost the hunt, but we still had a ball nonetheless.

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