Saturday, October 23, 2010

5 months

5 months old and still no teeth.
Not that 5 months is old for not having teeth,
but in a picture as gummy as this one--
teeth should be mentioned.
At 5 months of age,
well 5 1/2 months really--
{Running a little behind here}

Violet Jean has successfully  
encompassed my heart.
I this girl.
People ask if Violet is an easy baby.
Without hesitation, I always say "Yes she is!"
And I mean that when I say it.
But the truth of it is, 
it's her way or the highway.
She decides how she wants to be held, and by whom.
Does she want to sleep through the night, or wake up every hour?
Does she feel like taking a peaceful drive in the car, 
or does she turn a car into a screaming, 
brain melting vessel on wheels?
She doesn't know.  The answer varies by day--
but when she's happy, she's HAPPY!
and holy smokes! I love her.

So to me it doesn't feel hard.
To me it feels easy because I am so totally gaga over her.
Plus, she loves me a lot, and I like that.
Violet has these short little hands 
that I love to wrap around my finger.
She always twirls them around in circles on 
fabrics, furniture, toys--
anything she wants to explore.
She also started rubbing her eyes with her little fists.  
Seriously so cute.

This is her new thing:
For anything and everything.  
She'll use her whole body to get to what she wants.
The other day she swatted the dinner roll right off of my plate.
little stinker.

These next pictures surprised Violet 
just as much as they surprised me.
Violet let go of my hand and sat up all on her own.
She was so pleased with herself.
I'm glad I had my camera to capture it.
Check me out-- no hands!
I took these pictures on Thursday, 
the last warm day of the year.
Guess it's time to pack away her tiny warm-weather clothes.
I always dread doing that.


gilvearbebes said...

She is seriously so pretty. I can see how you would just want to gobble her up!

cathy bubert said...

Oh Stacey, Violet is so grown up and so beautiful! I am so grateful for your WONDERFUL posts and BEAUTIFUL photos!

grandma to 16 said...

What a delight this morning to pull up those adorable pictures of Violet to start the day!!!

She IS the cutest little baby girl~~I love your comments on her personality, cracked me up! I'm so glad you take the time and get such amazing shots of your little daughters.....aren't they fun!

the Horton Hurricane said...

Violet is such a pretty girl. I love this post Stacey she is such a sweetie, give her kisses

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Oh Stacey, She is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I love those pictures.

Kasey, Nicole, Lexie, and Kenzie said...

Stacey! Holy cow! How are you? Your kids are beautiful! I didn't even know you had #2! Where are you living? How are things we need to catch up! I love you!

Jessica Duff said...

Precious pictures, I love Violet, she is such a cutie!

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

holy cow she is ADORABLE! I just want to kiss this little cheeks!

corryfever said...

Her legs!

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