Monday, September 6, 2010

Shady Slides

 Nana promised Pearl a trip to the park if we came to California.
She said their parks were nice and shady, 
keeping the slides at the perfect sliding temperature.
She and Mari took Pearl to the park a couple of times while we were there, 
and they did not disappoint.
 I stayed home with Violet.
Pearl was so excited to go off alone with Nana,
She giggled and yelled "have a nice rest Mom!"
as they ran out the door.
 She came back hot and worn out, and happy as can be

* I pulled these pictures off of Mari and Nana's cameras, and I love them.


grandma to 16 said...

with that last smile of Pearl in the car, you couldn't ask for a happier little three year old!

sooooooo cute!

cathy bubert said...

Can't wait for another day at the park with Pearl and Violet!

Mari Rose Bubert said...

Looks like you've been using Picnik?... I love them! Awesome job Stacey :)

Jessica Duff said...

Love these pictures, Pearl looks so grown up and ADORABLE!

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