Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Princess and Charming

This is Jace.
We got to watch him while Amber was at work.
This picture has "little stinker" written all over it.
Pearl asked Jace if he would be Charming and she could be The Princess.
He said yes, and it was so exciting...

Then Pearl and Aunt Cristy's exercise ball left Jace in their dust.
So we moved on to an activity where everyone wins--
bubble catching.
They were covered in suds {sorry Amber} and very happy.

 Pearl told me she's going to marry Jace.
She also said "we're going to have leaves and berries at our wedding--
but not strawberries, because I don't like strawberries.
I only like strawberry milk."

Sounds like she has it all figured out.


grandma to 16 said...

oh what fun you all are having during these Indian Summer days!!
She told me also she was going to marry Jace, least she won't steal Kelly now! ( smile )
They are both so adoreable~

cathy bubert said...

Looks like a fun! Great photos!

Elasta-Girl said...

Now that I have kids I think that arranged marriages don't sound so bad. Maybe Jace could be "the one"

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