Monday, September 6, 2010

Missionary Meet and Greet

 On the second day of our trip,
we were able to meet  a lot of the missionaries my parents are presiding over.
The have been working really hard,  and had a huge conference with half of the missionaries in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon.
 We were in charge of bringing granola bars and Sunny D's for an after conference snack.
My girls held hands as we drove to the second meeting.
When we got there we found out 2 cars full of missionaries had been in a car accident--
with each other...
and a third car, who must have been very surprised to see 10 missionaries get out of the cars that hit them!
They were driving on the freeway, headed to the conference when it happened.
Thankfully none of them were hurt,
but with a couple of totaled cars--
it looks like they will be riding bikes around for a while...
 It was fun to meet the missionaries.
They were all just so darn happy, but why wouldn't they be?
It was great to see how hard my parents 
have been working for the past couple of months.
Every missionary I talked told me they loved my parents, 
and that they were doing a great job.
 That didn't surprise me at all, but it was still nice to hear.


grandma to 16 said...

Disneyland is the second happiest place on earth.......the Long Beach CA Mission is the first!!! Ted & Cathy look great!

cathy bubert said...

Thanks for another great post - yes, we do have amazing missionaries and amazing kids!

corryfever said...

Sorry to admit it but I had a little chuckle sneak out after reading about the three car fender was so so good to see all of you the other night. Your parents are amazing! And if i was a mom sending my son on a mission there is no one I would rather be sending them to than the Buberts......especially after eating those brownies! The hand holding pic is priceless.....beautiful girls!

Danelle and Alex said...

Of course they love your parents! They would be the greatest! I'm glad you got to go see them!

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