Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday's sky

We had just come home from dinner at Grandpa's 
when Shelly called us back outside to see the sky.
It was breathtaking!  
We stood outside under it's warm glow and marveled at the colors.
Then Pearl told us she was going to get on this airplane so she could go see Nana.
We'll have to catch another flight :)

Speaking of you, Nana--
you would have loved this sunset,
so these pictures are for you.


grandma to 16 said...

beautiful- skies, the other night did you hear the thunder storm - I woke up and watched it from the living room - such Heavenly power, let's you know who is in charge!

cathy bubert said...

I do love those beautiful photos! And I can't wait for Pearl (and all of the Jewkes family) to get on a plane for Long Beach!

Shelly said...

Stace, thank you for capturing this memory - it was so surreal! The perfect Sunday Sky :)

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