Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 I promised Pearl I would take her to the park today.
So I did, and it could have been a real flop.

I wanted to kill two birds with one stone
and get some exercise while we were at it.
I told Pearl we would walk the mile to the park.
She fought this idea saying it was 
"too hot!  I want to drive in the car."
I convinced her that it would be fun!
while I loaded Violet {who hates the stroller?!?}
into the Baby Bjorn.
We were already out the door when I looked down at Violet's uncovered arms.  The sun would have a heyday on that new flesh.
I did what any mother {who would do anything aside from unloading her baby, changing her clothes, and loading her back into that darn baby carrier} would do.
I pulled a clean pair of daddy's socks 
up and over those chubby little arms, 
and secured them with rubber bands.
"There we go."
I said out loud, trying to make the whole thing 
seem as natural as possible.

And we were off, pounding the hot pavement.
I had one hand steering the stroller, 
while my other hand supported Violet's belly.
She dropped her head low and gummed my knuckle as we walked.
Her sun hat hung down below her shoulders, 
giving her an adorable no-neck look from the back.
I took a thousand snapshots in my mind
of her arms and head bouncing with every step.
Pearl pulled her legs in closer to her chest
 to hide them from the hot sun.
Then she let out one of her great big sighs and gasped
"I want to go home.  I'm hot."
She was right.
It was hot.  Really hot.
Too hot to want to play outside, 
and definitely too hot to walk to the park.
I felt bad.
I looked down at her flushed cheeks,
and gave her a bottle of water.
It quieted her down until we reached the park.
I rolled the stroller under a shady tree,
and laid Violet down on the grass.  
She kicked her legs around and smiled.

Pearl ran over to the big toy, happy as a lark.  
The sun was blazing down on the slides, making them scorching hot, 
and very un-slideable. 
Pearl wasn't very happy about this--  
I showed her how to draw pictures in the volleyball court sand.
"See, this is fun!  Aren't you glad we suffered
through the heat for a sandbox!?"
She was a good sport about it. 
She scooped up handful after handful of sand.
Watching it slide out through her fingers.  
 Violet stared up at the tree's leafy branches.
She was mesmerized.

I thought to myself,
"Okay, everything is fine.  Everyone is happy."
Then Pearl threw a handful of sand in the air, 
and ended up with a handful of sand in her eye-- 
I flushed the sand out with her bottled water,
which was now warm.

She sat on my lap for a minute, and blinked the sandy water out.
After a minute, we decided to see if the 
tube slide was cool enough to play on.
It wasn't.
Defeated, and ready to go home, we headed back towards the stroller and saw a glimmer of hope in an outing gone terribly wrong.

Violet, had rolled onto her side!
We watched and waited as she grunted and 
squirmed her body until she had rolled onto her belly.
We cheered for her, and I scooped her up into my arms.
She was mad at me for making her work so hard.
She scowled at me, and cried a little.
I peeled off the blade of grass that was stuck to her drippy lips.
We loaded up and headed home.
My baby grew up a little more today.
So maybe today wasn't such a flop after all.

p.s. We hit up the Golden Arches when Kel got home, 
so Pearl could slide and play to her little hearts content.


grandma to 16 said...

reading your blog this morning was so descriptive and familiar, it was like being there.....every mother can relate!

Violet is really an over-achiever, rolling over this early!! the hat is killing me~~so cute

Good sport Pearl! it won't be long and those beautiful autumn days will have a nice comfortable slide to go down!

the Horton Hurricane said...

big week for Violet, first the high chair and now rolling over WOW!! I'm one proud Aunt...Pearl we will make a date to go to the park when all Aunt Jenny's kids go back to school

Danelle and Alex said...

She rolled over already!! Wow that is amazing!! You are such a cute Mom!

cathy bubert said...

Love the wonderful descriptions of your adventure. Can't wait to see Pearl and Violet - especially to see Violet's new skills. We have some GREAT parks in California!

Jessica Duff said...

Good job Violet!!! Sometimes we try so hard to be fun Moms and it just doesn't go as planned, your story made me smile. Violet is such a cutie!

amber said...

Stacey! I am already standing in line for your first book. It wouldn't even need pictures, just words and I would be able to picture every detail. I love your posts, they make me smile. I just love you....

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