Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Pool Party

Tuesday was a nice sunny day.
So Mandi, Amber and I got our kids together for a pool party at Mandi's. 
 {a very little pool party}

We each made something to share.
We must have all had summer eats on the mind.
Amber brought an Oriental Chicken Salad,
Mandi made a summer pasta,
and I made fruit and yogurt parfaits.
It was all so good, and totally hit the spot.

Then we let the kids play in the pool while we sat around and talked.
 Pearl and Jace were loving it.
Pearl thinks Jace is a cutie.
The other day she said
"Mom, guess what?
I'm going to marry a little boy, and his name is
{puts her hands around her mouth and whispers} Jace!"  
Pretty cute,
and Amber would make a great mother-in-law.
  Mandi's dog Samson looks a lot like our dog Gritz.
 Pearl calls him "the new Gritz."

There he goes!
Wyatt was basically making a run for it the whole time.
 Such a cute little stinker.

After we'd been outside a while,
Mandi whipped out sprinkled donuts for all,
and the fun took on a whole new level.
 That is until Pearl soaked her donut in the pool until it became a soggy mess, 
causing a complete evacuation of the pool.
It made for a quick end to the pool time fun.

Fun fact about Mandi's house:
I lived in it from the time 
I was born until I was 4,
and then again from age 9 to 11.
an unsuccessful shot of me and my girls in my old house.

I lived here when I was Pearl's age!
I'll have to find a picture somewhere.

 I love this house.  It's so charming,
and have so many great memories in it.

My bedroom window
I shared this room with Shelly. 

Oh and Shelly, speaking of memories,
should I mention the time you 
drove Dad's truck into this fence or not?
yeah, you're right--
probably not.


grandma to 16 said...

what a great day for three mom's and their kids!!! you three better hook up on summer catering! food looked delicious~

kelly said...

looks like one wild scene! Can we please keep the block parties at a nice comfortable level? Doughnuts in the pool, doogs drinking, lavish eating... were the police called on this?

cathy bubert said...

Oh my goodness! This brings back so many memories. Pearl's photo in the house reminded so much of you Stacey. Thanks for another great post!

Shelly said...

Holy smokes Stace! What a darling post! How could I forget my first car accident? I vividly remember running into that fence in sloooow motion (idled into the fence is more accurate). Unfortunately the speed didn't seem to account for the damage I caused ;-)

Love! Shell

KJ and John John said...

I LOVE that house! I just remember the dining table that had drawers, that held the silverware. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

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