Monday, August 16, 2010


 Kelly's only brother lives near the Canadian border,
which means we don't see them often enough. 
He goes by the rouge name of "Mr. Incredible."
He works at a golf course as a golf pro.
He's kind of a big deal.
 He brought his family
"the incredibles,"
on a road trip to Las Vegas for a golf tournament.
They stopped in for a quick visit on their way through.

And by visit, I mean he wanted to eat at Lorena's really bad,
and we made sure to be there :)
Lorena's, or "La" as he calls it, is his absolute favorite place to eat.
It's been nearly a year since he's had 3 smothered burritos slide down his throat,
so I was sure to capture the moment.

He goes in for a chip without even looking...
Just like riding a bike, right?
The chip is the perfect loading dock as he spins the first cheesy bite.
In it goes!
and it was goooood.
Thumbs up good.
I'm just glad he brought this cutie along.
Check out those ☝ baby blues.

In other good news, 
Violet cheered her uncle on from her very own high chair.
First time in a high chair--
she acts like it ain't no thang.
What a big girl Violet!

When we were all sufficiently stuffed,
we made our way over to Sheila's.
My girls snuggled up to Great Grandma Perkins,
and Kelly and Mr. Incredible had us laughing up a storm.
 We love you guys!
Next time we'll come to you.
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