Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jazzin' Jenny

Kelly's sister Jenny turned 30.
It all happened so fast.
Really-- it did.
 It was 5:07pm
She walked in the door to her surprise party,
acting very surprised.
 The first words out of her mouth were:
"Can I eat this food now?"
Mexican themed of course,
Jen's favorite.
 So we all proceeded to eat.
Pearl had about 8 slices of watermelon.
 Then Jen opened her presents,
 and sweet letters from her kids.

Then before you could say "Jazzin' Jenny is 30!"
The candles were blown out, and the cake was cut in to.
I looked at the clock to see it was now 6:12.
That was one fun and speedy celebration.
Happy birthday Jen!
We you.


the Horton Hurricane said...

I just barely saw this thanks for that so cute, I love you I cant believe I turned 30 it really did happen, WOW.....why didn't Mason smile in this fam photo?

grandma to 16 said...

Stacey, I didn't even know this was on your blog!!! Jen just told me about it~~ I just screamed, showed Kel and I'm laughing so hard! you caught it!!! Jen does everything fast....great shot of her famous cake!

my mom has got to smile, when you are 77 you MUST smile! ( hahaha) such a darling blog for Jazzin Jen

grandma to 16 said...

not showed kel, showed Steve!!! know what I mean

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