Monday, August 9, 2010

3 months

Look at my giggly little cherub.
She is as sweet as pie.

Her gummy grins make my heart sing.
Whenever we get a good smile like this,
Pearl points in Violet's mouth and says 
"See mom-- NO TEETH!"
She's baffled by this.

Just a minute here--
Quick wardrobe change....




There we go.

You wouldn't say this outfit is too over the top would ya?
Me neither.
My cousin Tara gave this lil' number to Violet,
and hello, goodbye--
I'm in love.
love those lips.
At 3 months: Violet won't take a binky.
Which is especially bad because she 
does not like driving in the car.
She screams her head off until 
we've made it safely home,
then the crying stops immediately.
The other day I bought 5 different styles of binkies,
hoping one would get us through our errands.
but alas, she spit every last one out.

She does however love playing with her mouth.
She's always smashing her lips together,
sucking on her tongue, and hands.
 Blowing spit bubbles is also a new favorite.

She'll occasionally wake up around 4:00am to eat,
but for the most part she sleeps through the night.

98% of the time she is an angel,
 but when she is mad--
she'll let you know with an ear piercing scream,
 which Kelly has dubbed the pterodactyl.
We've had strangers comment on that 
"high pitch scream."
Telling us she's 
"very opinionated for being so young."  
Even with the all the sass,
She's big on smiles,
and laughs so easily.
 She loves to be swaddled,
and she loves to be sung to.

She knows when you're standing up with her,
and when you are not.
and by golly, she prefers you stand!

 She is loved.
  And she looks good in violet.
Which is a good thing.
I have a feeling she'll be wearing a lot of it.


grandma to 16 said...

Oh Stacey, what a perfectly wonderful post!~I giggled my way through looking at that little face! Violet, you are adorable!
three months was one of my favorite times ~ but then again so was five months! They are cherubs and at bathtime, little buddha's!
soooooooo cute!

Cristyannie said...

Stace, you were right, these pictures turned out great! I love that little girl. Last night was so fun when she just kept giggling. She really is the sweetest little thing.

cathy bubert said...

Thanks for another amazing post: incredible photos, beautiful Violet and your great descriptions! I Love you all!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

What an adorable oufit and the gummy grin get me too! Wish i could squeeze her.

Amanda said...

She is SO adorable and I think looks a lot like Pearl. Love her violet outfit! Girls are so much fun to dress! So fun looking at your blog!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

She is such a dollface and your right she looks wonderful in Violet.

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

That outfit is so darling. I love her. She is so precious. I simply must see her sooner than later, we have really missed you guys.

corryfever said...

i love her pursed little lips.....such a lady.

Shelly said...

Stace - these shots are incredible!! I've felt extra grateful this week that I get to live with you and the little can be wonderfully unpredictable ;-)

the Horton Hurricane said...

OK she is really going to fast slow this down, I think the pouty little lips are my favorite, and of course the violet dress. I love her kiss her 6 times for me... that is what heaven looks like.

weston'smommy said...

That dress is adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

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