Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Months

 Violet is two months old today.
These past 2 months have flown by,
although it feels like she's been a 
part of our lives forever.
Life is better with her in it.
I had to get my camera before I got her up from her nap.
She spends a good 2 minutes stretching out 
after every sleep session. 
I it.
Speaking of sleep--
this little angel has slept from 
12:00am-8:00am for a whole week!
 I think I could get used to that.
She has come to life 
with all of her smiles and cooing.
Pearl always says
"Mom, she's talking to me!"
I think she may be on to something.
The other day I said
"hi Violet"
and I could have sworn
she cooed "hi" right back to me.
I bet you would have thought so too.

She's a people watcher.  
She follows everyone with her eyes-- especially me.  
She likes to keep tabs on Mom at all times.
That makes me happy.
above: "the grinner"
below: "the skeptic"
 I had to put this last picture on 
because she can be very serious at times.
She's weary of everyone and everything.
 It's so funny.

Plus, her little tum-tum 
looks so cute in this shot.


Danelle and Alex said...

She is such a doll!! I love new little babies! Its really too bad they don't stay that way very long!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

You are so lucky that she sleeps so well. I love the pictures I feel like she is right in front of me.

cathy bubert said...

Violet, you are PRECIOUS! Glad you are sleeping so well for your Mom. Thanks for another great post Stacey! Love, Nana

grandma to 16 said...

What a great way to start my Monday!!! Violet, you little grinning gal~ isn't it fun to watch them grow, gosh, two months has definately gone by fast!!

Jessica Duff said...

Baby Violet is so cute! I want to meet her so bad!

Camille and Paul said...

What a cute, sweet little girl. I can't believe I haven't met her yet. And you are moving...but not too far away. I will call you this week so we can finally plan the play date we have been talking about forever. I really miss you!

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