Friday, July 30, 2010

Turning Twenty-six.

I turned 26.
It happened on July 25th.
I am now rolling downward to the 30 spot.

Although I always thought saying:
"I'm nineteen."
had a nice ring to it,
I love my life as it is right now.
Right here at  
My husband whipped me up 
the best birthday breakfast,
 while Pearl {who still wasn't feeling her best}
ate Top Ramen.
Then I enjoyed my
"birthday display."
A birthday display is usually set up by sister Shelly.
It includes, but is not limited to:
balloons, flowers, gifts, and cards.
Always assembled in a decorative fashion.
Shelly's note's are like art work.
I love my Keva mug.  Thanks Shel. 
 Flowers from Cristy.
So bright and happy!

Cristy also put together 
Chicken and Ham fried rice for dinner.
It's the birthday dinner my Mom has made me
for as long as I can remember.
It was delicious.

I opened nice cards and presents from my family.
 I even had some birthday love sent from 
Long Beach, California!
Thanks Mom, I love it.

Cousin Shalane brought over her 
famous chocolate bundt cake
that is so dear to my heart.
Everyone needs a cousin Shalane.
{but you'll have to find your own}

Johnny lit the candles,
 and happy birthday was sung.
Pearl sang it right to me.
So cute!
While Pearl loved the birthday festivities--
Violet was not amused :)
maybe next year...

It was a great day.


Jessica Duff said...

Glad you had a great day, you sure deserve it! Happy birthday, love ya!

sheila said...

I was so worried that after moving you and Kel would be too tired to celebrate!!! I'm so glad you had a beautiful celebration!!! 26 is just a wonderful age, what a production you are in with two adoreable little girls!

Violet's expression when you are blowing out your candles is priceless...

Happy happy and many returns~

cathy bubert said...

I'm so glad your birthday was so wonderful - you deserved an amazing day! Hope this year is your best ever! Love you always

brooke said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Stacey!!! That breakfast looks so yummy. oh and by the way I love Pearls t-shirt when she is eating her noodles.


Stan & Isabelle said...

you have such a cute family - happy birthday - 26 what a great age!

Kent said...

Happy B-Day Stacey. We are glad it was a great day.

Troy and Cherlyn said...

Happy Birthday!! We were thinking of you. Hopefully we will see you soon. We Love and Miss you.

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Happy Birthday Stacey. I am glad your family is on the mend from the surgery and illnesses. I hope you had a great one. I love ya!

Cristyannie said...

Happy Birthday! Loved the post. I wish I had some of that chocolate bundte cake right now...

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