Friday, July 23, 2010

Kid's Camp: Day 5

Unfortunately the last day of kid's camp looked like this: 

Pearl is sick, again
This time with the stomach flu, 
poor little thing.

She was sad to miss the last day of camp,
especially because they were told to wear their 
swim suits for a water day. 

She's had so much fun this week,
and now she tells me she wants to go to preschool!!

When did she get so old?


brooke said...

That sucks!!!!!! :( Hopefuly she gets better soon.

the Horton Hurricane said...

watch out it goes super fast after pre school starts! Get Well Soon pretty girl

cathy bubert said...

So sorry Pearl! Hope you feel better soon!

grandma to 16 said...

not a fun day for Pearl or mommy!!

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