Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kid's Camp: Day 1

 Today was Pearl's first day at kid's camp.
It was kind of a big deal for us,
since this is the first time we've sent Pearl off to anything on her own.
She told me last night she wouldn't go without me.

She was signed up to go with her cousin Blythe,
and I was worried she was going to bail out on her.
Luckily when she woke up this morning 
she was so excited to go.

Here she is waiting for her ride to pick her up.

{She loves her shadow.}

Camp-mate Blythe
 Off they go!

It was reported back to me that they:
ate hot dogs, fruit, chips, and juice for lunch,
drew pictures,
cleaned up,
and then made these awesome animal puppets.
She loved it, 
and can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Oh, and don't worry about Violet--
 She spent her alone time taking a nice warm bath.


p.s. Thank you for all of the nice 
comments/texts/chicken noodle soup.
I'm feeling pretty good now,
but wish I would have had them remove my appendix/any other organ 
that may go south on me while they were at it--
as to not have any future operations.
Oh well, you live and you learn.


grandma to 16 said...

I want to hear about Kid's Camp? what is it? where is it held? who all goes? it sounds wonderful!!! Pearl looks so happy~~

Violet looks yummy and relaxed ~ I just love her little face and looks she gives!!!

So glad you are starting to feel a little better, Stace~

brooke said...

Pearl and Violet are so cute.!!!!!


Jessica Duff said...

Cooper said "Pearl, aaahh I like her dress!" I think he thinks she's pretty cute!

Cristyannie said...

So cute! I love her puppets! I'm glad she's having so much fun going!

cathy bubert said...

Stacey, Thank you for keeping us up to date with your great posts and photos. We wish we could see you in person (hint, hint), but in the mean time THANKS, you are AMAZING!

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