Thursday, June 24, 2010

the dress.

I loved Violet's blessing dress.  I had it made for her,
and it's exactly what I wanted.
It fits her personality so well.
I love that the body of the dress is so simple, 
and the sweet ruffle trim looks like vanilla frosted piping. 
So dreamy. 
Tying the sash around her teeny newborn waist just about did me in.
The peaches and cream flower bunch is set on an alligator clip, 
so it can be worn on a headband too.
It was made by Julie at Sprinkles on Top.  
She sends her goodies out in brown paper packages tied up in string.  
How sweet is that?

As the Dad, Kelly is the one who blesses our children,
but I get to make them feel beautiful on their special day.
And maybe at 6 weeks old they don't give a hoot about what they look like,
but I still love doing it.


grandma to 16 said...

I'm so glad you got pictures of this dress. She will have to wear it again, I loved it!!! The style was perfect for summer and she looked angelic in it!

ashlan said...

There are 3 special days in a girls life. Blessing, baptism, and wedding. Spoil them on all three even if they can't remember;)

Mike and Brit Harris said...

So Cute Stacey When did you take up sewing? You'll have to teach me!

cathy bubert said...

It really was the perfect dress. So beautiful and elegant - just like precious Violet!

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