Monday, June 21, 2010


Born on Mother's day... blessed on Father's day.
This little one knows how to tug on the old heartstrings.

My brother Johnny was given the Melchizedek Priesthood
Just before Violet was blessed.
It was so wonderful to have him in the circle along with Violet's Daddy,
Papa, Great-Grandpa, Uncle Cory, Cousin Cody, and Bishop Eschler.

She let out a couple of good squeals at the beginning,
but the men picked up the bouncing pace,
and she stayed as quiet as a mouse for the rest of her blessing.
It was a beautiful blessing. Kelly did a wonderful job.
She's my little neck nuzzler.
~Barbara Jean, Violet Jean, and Sheila Jean~
Violet looks a lot like her great-grandma.
4 generations.

Violet was blessed at her Great-Grandpa Howard's house.
My parent's gave their farewell talks in their ward earlier in the day.
Knowing that all of our family would be here for that,
we decided to make one big event of it.

They'll be off to the M.T.C. in a couple of days.
We were glad they were still here for this.
It was a beautiful day,
and a great way to celebrate the wonderful father Kelly is.
We ♥ him a lot.
And I'll tell you right now,
This guy really has the whole Dad thing figured out.


Cristyannie said...

This was such a great and emotional day. Kelly did such a great job. He really is such an incredible dad. Pearl and Violet are very lucky!

Rachel Bott said...

It was such a beautiful blessing. Love the pictures, you look so great in all of them.

Happy Father's Day Kelly

grandma to 16 said...

I just loved every minute!!! These two little sisters are sooooo cute!!

What a wonderful day and what a sweet family~~

grandma to 16 said...

I loved her dress!!! I wish I had the arms to wear one like that!

cathy bubert said...

It was such a GREAT day! The greatest joy is an amazing family. We are so blessed!

Cody said...

this was such a great day for me and I'm sure it was a million times greater for you guys. Thanks for including me in the circle and allowing me to be a part of the blessing. I love you guys and I am so glad to be a part of your family!

corryfever said...

all of these pictures are so great. violet couldn't be more adorable! i LOVE her dress! what a special day.

Cam said...

Nice pics. Kelly, is that a Talbot tie? ;)

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