Wednesday, June 2, 2010


She's three.
Can you believe it?

I'm so proud of the sweet little girl that she is.
Don't get me wrong--
She definitely has some sassiness to her.
If I give her an answer she doesn't like,
she'll throw out a quick
"Don't say dat to me."
Or she loves to tell me to do things for her
"right now." Dragging out each word.
But what 3 year old isn't trying to find their own voice?

Attitude aside,
I see her as a creative, and loving little girl, with a huge heart.
She hates when people are sick, or sad,
and tells me "they're all better." even when they're not.

The best thing in life is to hear her say
"Mom guess what? I love you so so much."
Or to see how she lights up when her Daddy comes home.
She loves him so much.

She loves to dress up.
Her new thing is to come out with a new outfit on,
put her hands on her hips and ask
"What do you think?"

I love watching her as a big sister.
She always tells me
"Mom, I love my sister Violet."
She is so sweet with her.
Always trying to cheer her up with binky's and dolls.
She'll say "It's okay honey, don't be sad."

Last night I was out taking care of Violet,
and Pearl was in her bed. She totally hates going to sleep.
She kept asking "Mom can I come out there?"
I told her she had to stay in bed.
Then she said
"but I want to see your face."
So I let her come out.
Then we watched Enchanted.
Only because it was the Eve of her birthday--
and I'm a HUGE pushover.
What are you gonna to do?

She's been excited about today for a long time.
all nails have been clipped and polished.
And her party frock is ready to go.
Happy birthday Pearl!
We love you so much.
Now it's time to party.


Derk & Jen said...

She looks just like you! She is so cute:)

Jessica Duff said...

Happy Birthday Pearl, we love you tons! Cooper says "Happy Birthday Pearl!"

grandma to 16 said...

When I'm at work and need a break, I can always count on the Family BLOGS to awaken my senses!!

This day your blog of Pearl's did just that! She is a sweet precious little girl. You and Kelly are doing a wonderful job with your two cute daughters~~

Rachel Bott said...

Happy birthday Pearl!! We hope you have a fantastic day. You are such a big girl! We love you, let's celebrate soon.

brooke said...

Happy Birthday Pearl. You are so cute. I want that dress. haha :)
Love, Brooke

Kent said...

Happy Birthday Pearl!

Cristyannie said...

She is the cutest 3 year old! The party was a hit! I loved playing duck duck goose about a million times!

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