Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Violet had her first Dr. appointment today.
It was a rough one.
She has 2 tweety bird band-aids
and a freed up tongue to show for it.

Kelly noticed she was tongue-tied right after she was born.
Her little tongue was so tied down, it couldn't come out past her gums.
I've been dreading this appointment because I knew they would have to clip it.
The Dr. said we needed to do it since it could effect her eating and speech.

She was so brave, she only cried for a minute.
It was definitely more traumatic for me than it was for her.
It's so funny to watch her now--
she's not quite sure what to do with her tongue.
It keeps floating around, and her eyes get kind of big
when it touches the roof of her mouth.

We're all glad to have that over with.
Now she can just take it easy.

Oh and by the way--
this little honey now weighs 9.7 lbs.

She gained a whole whopping pound in 2 weeks.
What a cutie.


cathy bubert said...

Good job Stacey! Violet is doing fantastic!
She is soooo BEAUTIFUL!

Jessica Duff said...

Ouch...poor baby.

She's beautiful, I want to meet her so bad!

grandma to 16 said...

I'm so glad that is behind her and you!!

She looks at complete peace lying on her pink-checked sheet!! so beautiful~~~~~~

Troy and Cherlyn said...

Poor little Violet. Dr.visits are rough for the tiny ones. Just wait until you have a boy that first visit is tough.

Cristyannie said...

The band-aids sure cute! She looks so peaceful. Glad it's over with!

The Phillips Fam said...

What a cute baby! I am so glad that she got her little tongue fixed. Sounds like it wasn't too big of a deal. Can't wait to see her.

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