Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doorstep surprise

My visiting teaching companion Jillian left a
skirt for Pearl on our doorstep.
Jillian is very sweet, and obviously talented.
The skirt is shiny and pink with
one big ruffle around the bottom.
It's very fancy,
and Pearl loves it.
It makes her feel beautiful and special.
Which is always a good thing...
but especially when a new little chickie's taking over your turf.


grandma j. said...

what a great story in pictures!!!
I remember having a black satiny play skirt that I never wanted to get out of!!!

Have fun pearl, dress-up is the best!

Cristyannie said...

What a cute skirt and what cute girls!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

Your girls are gorgeous! I want to hold Violet so bad. Pearl looks so happy in her new pretty pink skirt.

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