Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost there.

We're finally reaching the end.
This baby of ours can come at any time now.
We can't wait to have her join our family.
I have been feeling a little sad about letting Pearl
out of her role as my "baby."

Yesterday we spent the whole day playing together.
we ate cheerios,
and read books,
then we cut our bangs.
Pearl was so pleased with her look.
She studied herself in the mirror and sang
"If You're Happy and you Know it Clap your Hands."

We got ready and headed to the theater to see
"How to Train your Dragon- in 3D"
Just the two of us.
She loved it, and squealed in delight~
watching the dragons soar around the screen.
She did get a little scared during one scene,
and asked if we could go see
"Princess and the Frog" instead.
When it was over she kept telling me
"I like that movie mom, I wanna do it again."

The best part was the elderly couple behind us who
asked for a refund on their 3D glasses since they
"Didn't make a difference. All they did was make the screen too dark."
They didn't get a refund.

We went out to dinner with Kelly as a family of three.
We drove around forever trying to figure out where to eat.
I hate when we do that. I usually end up saying
"Oh fine, let's just go home."
Then Kelly tells me to knock it off, but in nicer words.
So I do, and then we finally agree on something that sounds good.

We ended up at Lonestar where they were having a 2 for $20 special.
Steak for him, salmon for me.
It hit the spot for everyone.

We came home and relaxed. Pearl fell asleep all curled up on me,
which I needed.

I could feel Violet moving around underneath Pearl's little body,
and I felt so satisfied with my life.
Pearl told me she was excited to ride in her carseat,
while Violet's carseat was next to hers.

She will be great in her new role as big sister.
Although there is going to be a new baby in town,
Pearl will always be my baby too,
Even if she doesn't let me call her that anymore.
She made me a mom,
and I will always be grateful to her for that.


Danelle and Alex said...

You are such a cute mom!! I'm so excited for little Violet to get here. Hopefully sooner than later right? :)

Troy and Cherlyn said...

The end is soooo hard! When I had Michael and my other two walked in to see us. I lost it! It is a very emotional thing to change your family dynamic. Keep us posted we are thinking of you.

Kim said...

Stacey you look SO beautiful! And I can't believe how long your hair is. I miss you girls so much and when I realized that I haven't seen you your ENTIRE pregnancy, it made me a little sad. Please let's plan something.

Cristyannie said...

Stacey, this post was perfect. The first picture of you and Pearl brought tears to my eyes. I love watching Pearl look at you. You can always see how much she loves you so much. I love the bangs!

UtahJenny said...

What a beautiful thing ... I remember feeling the same way when our second was on the way. Good luck an dI can't wait to see your sweet little angel.

Cody said...

:) You are so great.

Mike and Brit Harris said...

What a sweet post Stac! I remember having that same feeling with Taylor when I was pregnant with Dax. Wondering how it would all work out because I loved just having Taylor. Then Dax came and it makes me want to just keep having lots of babies! They each bring such a special spirit to your family!

grandma to 16 said...

Stacey, what an awesome mommy you are!!! Pearl is so lucky to have
you and Kelly taking care of her~ Her happy little attitude is proof positive of her happy home!

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