Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mari's at it again...

She's so good at acting like she's annoyed.

After the show, Cristy and I caught our Mom and Dad clapping to the beat of the music 
as the audience was leaving.

I got a picture of it.

including my Dad's gold capped tooth.
Did you know he has a gold capped tooth?
Well he does--
and he loves sneaking it into pictures.

Grandma & Pearl
Pearl and Blythe think Mari is THE coolest.

On the drive home,
Pearl kept saying 
"Grandma laugh!"
Then she would throw her head back into a fake laugh.
Waiting for Grandma to join in.
I guess she was in a theatrical mood.

The show was GREAT
and I mean it.

p.s. Good work on sewing all of Mari's costumes Mom!  You're amazing.


kelly said...

Your dad always knows just the right angle to have it be visible!

grandma to 15 said...

Mari was the best dancer on stage!!! .....

Loved laughing with you Pearl, but Grandma J needs a "jowl" lift!!!

Cristyannie said...

That was such a great moment when we both looked over and saw them clapping. Dad and that gold tooth. What a great night!

cathy bubert said...

Another amazing post! It is fun to see the talent at BJH - Mari and friends were incredible! We are still singing and clapping to songs from Joseph, such catchy tunes.

Anonymous said...

i think your dad is so handsome, even if he has a gold tooth. I wonder how much extra he had to pay for that tooth.

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