Friday, April 2, 2010


Pearl will do anything to avoid going to sleep.
We have a very itemized routine that makes her feel like
she gets to do a lot of things before going to bed.
{She gets a vicks/vaseline facial treatment when allergies kick in}

- Clean room
- put on jammies
- brush teeth
- read 2 books
(which always turns into 3)
- say prayers
- go to sleep

    Then it usually goes something like this:

    "Mom... mom... I'm scaared,
    there are monsters under my bed."
    So we check for monsters.
    There are none.
    "There are snakes under my bed."
    None of those either.

    This was Pearl last night when she decided to pull out
    "but my tummy is so hungry."
    Dad fell for that one.
    He made her stay in bed--
    but brought her a very small bowl of cheerios.

    She ate it,
    and off to dreamland she went.


    Lori said...

    Oh those lucky first children!!!

    cathy bubert said...

    So Cute!

    the Horton Hurricane said...

    daddy's girl!! soon Pearl will be doing the same thing just one more thing will be added to her nightly list kissing baby sister nighty night.

    Olsen Family said...


    Anonymous said...


    grandma to 15 said...

    I feel like that sometimes Pearl~~~ just have to have something in the tummy~~~(smile) oatmeal does it for Grandma~

    This made me laugh so hard!!! Kelly's routine was looking through the JC Penny cataloge and circling Karate Kid items!!

    Troy and Cherlyn said...

    She is Stacey's daughter of course she wants to stay up just a little later. :)

    kelly said...

    Who is the rough looking guy feeding your daughter? You really shouldn't let strange men in while i'm gone hun!

    Natalie Carver said...

    Oh Callie is the same way! We do bath time (long), a show, brush teeth, lotion/massage, book time, prayers and bed time! Wow and every night she says Mom I dont want bed!!!!! As she is yawning!
    Pearl is so so so cute!

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