Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get in the Cave

My husband is a sports fanatic.
His brain is jam-packed with stats,
well played formations,
and strategies coaches should/shouldn't be using.

He can give you facts and figures about games played before he was born.
He'll speak of the gut-wrenching memory of 
Michael Jordan celebrating 
after the Bulls won game 6 in 1998.
(he thinks his life might be slightly different had the Jazz won.)

I am pleased to say that he now has a place where 
these thoughts can live.
He's a blogger now.
a big time blogger.

He teamed up with 2 good friends.

All three of whom have their own expertise in the 
field of sporting knowledge.
(did that make sense?)

They've been blogging a little over a month, 
and they are getting hits like crazy.
Their posts are funny,clever,and informative
and well--
I think you'll like it.

Kelly goes by the alias of Dignan.
I call him by his pen name on occasion.
I think it's cute.

I have to restrain myself from leaving 
comments on their blog like:
"I think Dignan is so hot," 
and other things like that.

The other writers are:
Tyler Higgins(Ice Man)
Matt Johns(Shake-N-Bake)

become a follower.

p.s. I love this post of Kelly's.


kelly said...

Hey thanks Hun! What Stace did not say is that she DESIGNED the header and the logo!!!

grandma to 15 said...

love it!!! and no, I hadn't read that one from the Cave, but it is pretty funny!!!

I'm trying to send these on to anyone who enjoys sports~~

Shake-N-Bake said...

Stacy you are great! Thanks for the kind words! Also I think it would be fine if you would like to leave a comment with regards to dignan looks!

Cristyannie said...

I love that post too! Kelly is such a great writer. Great job designing the logo Stacey!

Troy and Cherlyn said...

You guys are so creative. Love the post. Love the website. Love the comments you are refraining from leaving.

BTW thanks for the Christmas card.:)

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