Monday, April 5, 2010

the Easter Bunny

When we told Pearl there would be a large bunny
bearing gifts~
Who would come into our home while we were sleeping,
She said
While hugging tightly around my neck.

We promised her she wouldn't have to see him,
and as you can see--
She was happy we let him in.

You can see her point though--
can't you?


grandma to 15 said...

Totally understand her confusion....giant easter bunny, Tooth Fairy, those things that come and bump in the night?

Her big Easter morning grin is worth it!!! Such a cute little Easter Princess!

Mandi said...

Have to agree the "easter bunny" is totally creepy. Pearl is so cute though!

Matt'n Mal said...

Seriously I love that child. If ever you need a sitter just call me! Can't wait for our next hang out hopefully it will be planned next time instead of a creepy drive by and forced invite! :) Hope all is well! Talk to you soon.

Cristyannie said...

I definitely see her point! I love her dress!

lauren said...

that easter dress is too cute. it's been way too long since we've seen you guys, by the way.

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