Monday, March 15, 2010

Lost Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with fun.
We started things off right at cousin Luke's birthday party.
Luke is a cowboy.
a real cowboy.
He told the party-goers they would be riding bucking broncos.
Unfortunately the rain/snow did not permit this activity.
They did however have a very nice lunch,
finished off with the cutest cupcakes
a cowboy could want.
Then the party headed downstairs,
where they must have played
a violent game of
cowboys and Indians?

Pearl, Luke, and Blythe headed straight from the party to see
Disney on Ice!
Nana and Mari took charge of Pearl,
so I could go home and rest.
They loved it!
The Tinker-bell scene {which I heard was pretty weird} was their favorite.

Instead of resting, Kelly and I went on a successful
house hunting trip with our good friends.
We had so much fun,
although we came home smelling like a bad mix of
all of the houses we walked through.
the old musty house smell, cat pee, and re-heated egg rolls.
{we needed a shower after that.}
Luckily the house they picked was beautiful and clean and
had that "just been scrubbed" smell.

With Pearl still gone,
we changed into our comfy clothes
and watched way too many episodes of Lost.
We can't watch it on t.v. with commercials,
and waiting a whole week between each one.
So we save them up, and savor them.
We're going to have to be caught up for the finale.
We can't have any spoilers.
p.s. why does "Freckles" have to be so annoying sometimes?

Oh, and sometime in the middle of our Last episode,
Pearl came home and disappeared into the bathroom...
This is what I found.
Still didn't know what to expect--

Then she looked up.
Love it!
We didn't neglect her again for the rest of the night.


jillian said...

we saw pearl there! she was over a bit in the row behind us!

cathy bubert said...

Too cute!

grandma to 15 said...

I laughed out loud and everyone around my desk came to see what was so funny!!!! love those kissable lipstick lips!

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