Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend I was able to go to a
photography crash course with Nicole Hill Gerulat.
The class was all about using your camera in manual settings.
Something I've tried and failed to figure out on my own.
She takes the most beautiful photos, and is a great teacher.
I would recommend her classes to anyone.
We had a little photo shoot at the end of the class
where we got to put our new knowledge to work.
It was so fun,
and it didn't hurt that our models Kate and Paige were gorgeous.

Find more info on Nicole's classes here.
Make sure to check out Nicole's blog
it's one of my favorites.


Troy and Cherlyn said...

Stacey your pictures are always the best so you didn't need any lessons you need to give lessons.

cathy bubert said...

Wow Stacey! Those are gorgeous photos!

Jenny in Utah said...

oh my heck ... I totally wanted to take that class - I love her photos. I just picked up a starter dslr and am dying to get some beautiful photos of my family. First, though, I think I should get the basics down, then I am going to take one of her classes. Glad to know it is as awesome as I thought it would be - and your photos are FANTASTIC - woohoo!!!

Cristyannie said...

Stacey, these are amazing!

grandma to 15 said...

WOW ~ Stacey I didn't think you needed to learn anything - but these are great pic's!!

I'm glad you had that fun opportunity to increase your already talented shutter-eye~

Tara Trythall said...

You did such a great job! I have always loved your photography. You are talented woman. Love ya!

The Phillips Fam said...

Uh Hello! When are you going to tell me the secrets? He he he
Actually, I signed up for her online course in May and I bought her text book too! I am amazed at those photos, the lighting is awesome. I can't wait

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