Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All in a day.

Today I got to meet Cam & Rachel's
~ newest bundle ~

He is the sweetest little thing.
He kept his little froggy legs tucked in at all times.

Rachel and I talked out the details over a couple of
Keva Juice Peach Treaties.

All the while,
Pearl was at Papa and Nana's house swinging away.
With the exception of an underdog or two--
Pearl wanted to be untouched,
left to pumping on her own.
{she never got very high}

The evening called for some
good old fashioned
Pace's Dairy Ann
Waiting is the hardest part...
but always worth it.
We headed home to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox--
Which is fantastic.

Then around
Oh, 9:30 or so...
We realize we forgot about our nephew's birthday party.
completely forgot.

Worst Aunt & Uncle ever.

I'm blaming my slippery pregnant mind.
{Uncle Kel will have to vouch for himself.}

No need to chastise.
We hate ourselves over it already.

and yes, he's getting dinner out of it.
{love you lots Mason}


cathy bubert said...

Congratulations Cam and Rachel - William is adorable! Hey Pearl, hope the sun comes out soon so we can swing some more!

grandma to 15 said...

watching Pearl swimg makes me so anxious for that wonderful spring sunshine!!!

Tell Rachel & Cameron that their little William is yummy!

Mason went to PT for his back pain and now he gets to do the same exercises with his rotator cuff that gram does!! ( smile )

grandma to 15 said...

I really can spell, swim, swimg
......potatoes, tomatoes....

the Horton Hurricane said...

Oh Sheila you goof! William is a treat! I think Paces is delicious onion rings will be mine. Mason will look forward to dinner but as you know he's a pig. love ya

Tara Trythall said...

Pearl is growing fast! She is so cute! I wish we could she and Sarah could play together!

Cristyannie said...

What a great day! I really need to go to Pace's sometime soon.

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