Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today my Gramma Camille turns 80.
My dad and his siblings have all gone South
to celebrate with her.
{age 6 or 7?}
She can sound out and play any song on the piano.
Isn't she a looker?
{Love her dress}
She and my grandpa were high school sweethearts.
They liked to go dancing,
but she was mad that he would always step on her feet.
She told him he needed to learn how to dance.

They got into a "silly fight" and broke up.

Grandma married someone else.
They had a son named Steve together.
not long after he was born,
her husband Jack was killed in a car accident.
She always says
"I became a wife, a mother, and a widow in the same year."

When she was ready,
my Grandpa snatched her back up,
and made her his bride.
Oh-- and the advice about learning how to dance?
He took that to heart.
In his time away from her,
he took dancing lessons
and later went on to win the
national ballroom dance competition in Cuba.
{I would kill to get my hands on the footage of that.}
They had five more children together.
My dad included.
Things weren't always perfect,
but they loved each other
and had a good life.

Papa died when I was two.
I have only one memory of him--
He was dancing with me on our porch.

She is one of a kind.
You would have to meet her to understand.
Happy birthday Gramma!
Wish we were there.


Alex said...

What a cute post and an amazing story! -danelle

Rachel Bott said...

What great pictures. I always tell my grandparents all I want is there pictures. They are so precious to me.

I hope your grandma has a wonderful birthday.

cathy bubert said...

Thanks Stacey! I wish we were in Louisiana too but your post is the next best thing. What an amazing life Grandma has had - so glad we are part of it!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

She is so pretty! That one of her in her bathing suit looks so much like Cristy to me! That was a very cute to read, thanks for sharing!

Jessica Duff said...

Cute post, those pictures are so fun!!!

Cristyannie said...

What a great post to celebrate such a unique person! Thanks!

pbd7 said...

Thank you Stacey for the amazing DVD you presented to Mom on her 80th birthday - wow! We have watched it several times and will continue to do so over and over again. I love the music, the photos that were chosen, and the spirit I feel every time I watch it. I love my family, and I especially love my mom!

the Horton Hurricane said...

what fab pictures, I love these and I love the stories of her! Happy Birthday to your grandma

grandma to 15 said...

I feel like I know her from what you and Kelly have told me about her!! She's so cute and you can tell from her photos a little bit "sassy" which is admirable in southern ladies! ( smile )

Kim said...

I am so captivated by this story and all the pictures you shared. Looks like she has had quite the incredible 80 years. Happy birthday to her!

Shelly said...

Stacey, Stacey, Stacey! Hope you reconsider Lazy R Road--maybe you could turn it into a Love story...

Thank you for another incredible post. Love you ;-)

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